Methyl Hesperidin

Methyl hesperidine is a methylated derivative of citrus flavonoid hesperidine. The methylated derivatives are of two types with ring closed during methylation and ring open during methylation, which respectively yields methylhesperidine and hesperidine methyl chalcone. In contrast to the hesperidine , the methylated derivatives are totally water soluble against total insoluble behavior of hesperidine, which makes it an effective source of water soluble flavonoids requirement making its use versatile in netraceuticals,cosmetics and beverages.

  • Molecular Formula : C29H36O15
  • Molecular Weight : 624.59 g/mol
  • CAS No. : 11013-97-1
  • Character : Light yellow crystalline powder,slightly bitter taste,soluble in water
  • Purity (Absorbance Method) : 90.0% or more
  • English Name : Vitamin p

Uses :

Pharmaceutical and Functional food as capsules or pills.

Water-soluble beverages

Health products as capsules or pills