Mulberry Leaf Extract

Mulberry leaf extract may assist weight loss via its affect on sugar and carbohydrate digestion.


It inhibits the breakdown and absorption of sugars in the digestive tract. Essentially it prevents enzymes that do the job of digesting sugars from working properly, making those sugars unavailable for absorption.


Mulberry leaf extract should also help reduce the potential weight gaining effects of more complex carbohydrates such as those contained in pasta, rice potatoes and bread, because these must be broken into simpler sugars before absorption.This will help lower your calorie intake, but more importantly it helps to stabilise blood sugar balance.


Research shows that blood sugar balance is critical if you want effective weight loss.


Excessive intakes of sugars and carbohydrates can lead to major upsets in blood sugar balance, this potentially results in the body pumping out too much of the hormone insulin, the body uses this to try and restablish a healthy blood sugar balance.


Unfortunately insulin promotes weight gain. By helping the conversion of blood sugars into stored fats.Both animal and human Research has confirmed that Mulberry leaf extract helps to block the break down of sugars, reduces rises in blood sugar and insulin levels (fat promoting hormone).


So mulberry leaf extract may well help assist you in your weight loss efforts by reducing the weight promoting effects of sugars and carbohydrates.